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  • Stevie46 ·
    Evening sorry to pm you but was wondering do you still supply carbon bits and if so,how much would you do wing mirrors and door covers for a FN , hole for key in door handle + delivery to N.I thanks
    j11mmy ·

    I see you sell two different seeker style spoilers.

    Is the fibre glass one already painted? Or is it just primed and ready for painting? Or does it still require both?

    OsakaJ ·
    Hi Mate,

    I believe you may know or have for sale the Fn2 front fog scoops ? . After a nice pair with the intake hole with mesh so I can attach a cold air feed. If you can please PM me with details and prices if available that would be great. Thankyou
    Waheto ·

    Do you consider front CF splitter or rear bumper CF diffuser for Civic mk9 pre-facelift?
    I think it is an excellent idea - love my CF wing mirror covers by the way

    fran milano type r ·
    hi do you still do type r fn2 carbon fibre parts im interested in wing mirror covers and gear stick surround and steering wheel too could you send me a price and are they easy to fit

    kind regards
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