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  • rjwest87 ·

    Username rjwest87 here.

    I wish to post an item for sale but the website says I don't have permission to do so. How can I get a post approved for the for sale & wanted forum?

    GiraffeHS ·

    We would like to partner with you to offer a 10% discount to all members off the full price of a set of hub stands.

    Our hub stands are constructed from laser cut steel and are then powder coated for a hard wearing finish. Hub stands are safer than axle jacks as they are bolted to the vehicle and have other benefits, such as avoiding tyre flat-spots when the vehicle is in long-term/winter storage.

    Please could you send through details of how we can work together to offer members a discount on our products.

    Thank you,

    Giraffe Hub Stands
    Milo2019 ·
    Hi I have a Honda Civic 2.2 type s 2009 I have a couple of issues I need help with as follows:

    1. The number 10 in fuse box under the dash 7.5 amp blade fuse has gone twice in the last 12 months meaning the dash doesn't work so car won't start

    2. A number of times I have had a PGM-FI WARNING LIGHT APPEAR when my mate plugs diagnostic tool in it states: no correlation between clutch position switch a & b. The car drive s fine but whilst the warning isn't showing the lights on the dash which tell you when to change up or down the gears don't show, it's a 6 speed manual gearbox.

    Anyone got any suggestions?

    darwell ·
    Hello, sorry for disturbing but I just recently registered using FB and it uses my real name - and I cannot find a way how to change it. Can you set it to DariusV?
    SnuckyRR ·
    I have used Skype to send you a message.

    A few days ago i signed up with my Facebook account and now its used my real name. Can you change my name to "SnuckyRR"?

    Gordon Roy ·
    Thanks for welcome Pottsy, Picking up my 65 reg Civic 1.6 iDTEC SE+ on Monday, looking forward to driving it. Traded in my 63 plate Toyota Auris Touring Sport Hybrid, just was not getting the expected MPG. Hopefully the Civic will be a better performer if reading forum members input is anything to go by. Excellent information within the forum. Thanks again.
    Trevor Lowe ·
    Thanks for the welcome mate, i have just bought an fn2 type r and was interested in a footwell lighting kit i have seen on here from a rick honda i think it was.
    eoi2621 ·
    I,ve scrapped my civic now because of rust but saved the alloy wheels off it , Is there any way to advertise them without 30 posts because as i have no car i would struggle to achieve tha
    Dsparrow97 ·
    Hi I’ve been a member for just over a week and have been wanted to contact a user called mainline to ask about his for sale items which I have been unable to do, is there anyway in which I can contact him as I really want the items before he puts them on eBay, thanks
    wake2191 ·
    Hi Pottsy just joined forum for some reason my email address is my user name is it possible to change it.

    Thank you.
    star1985 ·
    Hi, i have accidentally posted a topic for a 9th gen civic in the wrong category(8th gen).
    Would it be possible to move the complete topic to the 9th gen section so it can help others. Thanks

    Civic 1.6 i-DTEC injector failure
    Radu Bucur ·

    Can you please help me with changing my username? I've seen too late that I registered with a full name and I'd like to use another one.

    Thank you!
    Jimcatdog ·
    Hi , apologies for messaging you direct.

    I'm looking to post a reply to a for sale item but don't have permission apparently. Is this something you can help with or direct me somewhere in order to get the relevant permissions?

    DeeGee007 ·
    Thanks for that add, but! I joined, as a Civic owner, as I was searching for the answer to an issue, Google directed me here, the answer I needed had pictures that I couldn't view unless I was a member, so I joined...
    ..Only to find that now I have to have made 5 posts before I can view the pictures

    What a faff

    Good luck with the site but i'm not jumping through hoops to find an answer

    Good luck but please delete my account
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