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  • amronno ·
    By all means - please 'stay tuned' here at civinfo, don't spend all your spare time at Briskoda in the future - you know you are part of the 'furniture' here, don't you?...;-)
    amronno ·
    Oh, I see - anyway, they are great cars - in fact they are the only non-Japanese car brand that have ever cought my attention, followed by a visit to a showroom. (I know they are part of the VAG group, but never the less)
    And the PAINT Robbo.....the PAINT..... is hopefully much better than on the Honda, which was a PAIN.....(in the ass for you) :)
    xenon ·
    Hi Robbo51

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    If you can bay for me 1 pcs of aghd wax , i will pay to you via my bank account via wired transfer.You can send me via standart post to my adress.I have found this and they send it only in England and i am in Serbia -eastern europe.I have no other way to bay thet wax.
    Autoglym Auto Glym High Definition Carnauba Car Wax on eBay (end time 08-Aug-09 13:37:30 BST)
    dw7 ·
    That's the thing though, your 'Type R' one looks much much better than the cheaper Sports grill..it's solid. Not sure the red Honda badge would go down well with the Vivid Blue though. Perhaps Honda would fit me a silver one for such an expense. Hmm...decisions. Presume you'd tell me to go for the cheaper one?
    dw7 ·
    Robbo, nice wheels you've got there! Just wondered where you got your front grille from since it's got the black bottom trim and not the chrome (Gordon's Honda one). Cheers..
    TypeRiter ·
    Hello Robbo,

    I note from your sig that all your rattles are fixed - may I kindly ask where,in the car, you were experienceing the rattles, and how you/Honda went about rectifying the nuisances, if you don't mind?

    I have a few that Honda are trying to suggest are within acceptable 'tolerance limits', when they seriously aren't and are as jarring as hell. Thus if you have any advice on where the squeaks/rattles were, and what was used to resolve the issues - I could consider taking similar steps, or at least advising the stealers accordingly.


    Georgius ·
    robbo51 you seem to be the man of wisdom, can you help please. I was looking at a set of type r 17" alloy wheels that civicj is selling on the forum and was woundering if they would fit my honda civic which is an 06 plate 2.2i ctdi with the standard 16" alloys

    Hope i make some sense and many thanks
    katsock ·
    Pedant: n. Person who insists on strict adherence to literal meaning or formal rules.
    Though I got to admit, I agree with you in this instance on the formal rules bit.
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