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  • hoddi ·
    Rob was it you that was saying they had a headlight relay blow on them? Just trying to Find out as I've got no full beam and fuse r all good think my strobe side lights messed it up��
    Chengiz ·
    Hi robbo, is there a vid of the exhausts with the silencers taken off? Catbacks cost around 750.. not sure if thats worth it as I am looking to upgrade to a type r within the next year or so..
    Tim-R ·
    hi mate im looking to take my middle silencer out iv seen you have done this. how does it sound ? thanks mate
    LVY ·
    Hi robbo', just to let you know that I have a lot of pics in my photobucket, if you want to have a browse. No real changes to the FN2, just a lot of detailing.

    If you go to ALL ALBUMS you'll see an abundance of albums there.



    Pictures by livvypher - Photobucket
    robbobaggins ·
    thanks for the info mate im very much considering it yours are the best ive seen on here in my view from this info ill be able to fix them to the car wiring guide and where you got them would be nice cheers
    Nat ·
    Hi fella, Thanks very much for the comments :)
    They are on the outside but they are wrapped around the headlight unit. So when you look front on at your headlight, there is a 5-7mm gap all the way round (the gap varied in places but mostly 5mm all round)
    I took the grill off for easy access to the sides of the headlight and used 2x 120cm length LED strips (1 for each side just so i had plenty to play with) Used super glue to bond it to the headlight and shaped it around and along the top of the headlight.

    I used string to pull the LED strip through to the outer edges where it sits nice and snug between the wing and the headlight. If you dont use something to pull it through then its near impossible to position it correctly. Will add some pictures with highlited areas if you want? Is it something your considering?
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