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  • chrishughes ·
    Hi mate, seen you used to do the flip key modification. My friend tried to do it for me and desoldered the transponder part and extended the wires. In the process I think he has done somthing wrong and now wont start the car even right next to the key blade. The car still locks/unlocks with the buttons but is otherwise useless. Im looking for your help if possible and happy to pay also.


    rgray99c ·
    Hi there, you still doing the flip keys for members? just got my civic, and im a big fan of flip keys. Cheers for your time. Regards, Ross.
    apn ·
    Hi Terry
    I'm picking up my 08 Civic on Friday.
    Can you tell me if your still offering to do flip keys? I'm only a little way from you in Great Cambourne, so could easily drop off and collect.
    supa-scaff ·
    terry mate are you still doin the flip keys i have the blank key on order i need it cut an transponder moved into new flip ,,,please advise me at your earliest
    supa-scaff ·
    terry mate are you doing these mods for the flip key ,,,,,if so i wanna get you to do one for me asap ,mine is **** an on its way out ,,,,plus the flip keys look awesome
    tmp7833 ·
    Hi Terry, just joined the forum, are you still doing these flip keys, please let me know, many thanks.
    Nitehawk ·
    Hi Terry
    Sent you an email on Tuesday reference the Key flip. Just wondering if you can do it or not
    terry ·
    Hi Dave,

    Send it to me and I'll do the mods.
    Terry Wilby
    10 Beechwood Avenue
    SG8 6BH
    Cheque or paypal to [email protected] will be fine.
    Let me know when you've sent it.

    dave87 ·
    Hi Terry,

    Just been out to the car and tested it, key works fine. It was only the outer plastic casing which was damaged (probably sat on or something) the rest of the key is fine, including the internal plastic piece which contains the battery and mechanics of the transponder etc.

    Would just require the 2 button flip key and your expertise, oh, and of course me finding somewhere to get it cut (believe I've got that covered).

    Let me know what would be the best for yourself,

    dave87 ·
    Hi Terry,

    Do you have any of the two button keys left from your 10 extra?

    When I bought my Civic, the dealership gave me a third damaged key which I could send the internals of?


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