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  • Haltamer ·
    Yep! I spoke to Acuity directly, and this is what they had to say:


    Our 1881 cable bushings (which are sold as 9th Gen Si bushings) have fit every Honda we've tried them on that has a production date of 2007+. I would be surprised if they did not fit. That said, I can direct you to a person who will probably be able to give you definitive help. I would contact Dream Auto in the UK. They specialize in type R's and have more experience with the FK1, which was not sold here in the states. Dream is also an authorized distributor. At any rate, I'd give you quite good odds of them fitting, but I cannot say for certain at this point. Please let me know if you determine compatibility. I'd love to know.

    Warm Regards,
    Russell Garehan
    (Acuity Instruments)

    Given they're working on mine and the FK2, I'd say there's a 99% chance it'll fit.

    If not, When I ordered some other acuity parts from dream that turned out not to fit, they were happy for me to return them
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