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I want to show off my baby and the 2022 work that’s been done to fully restore and enhance it!
Just acquired an orphaned Black FN2 2008 Type R GT, 80k, FSH, currently used as a ‘shed’, its not rolled from the spot it was parked in several months ago (may21)
My recent return to the civic fold
Hi All I'm new to the page. Situated in Cape Town, South Africa. Thought I'd share a few pictures here 👍😁
My night hawk black FN2
Cheap wee upgrade for my civic mk8 1.8.
This is my first car, I really want to transform this car as I think it has potential if done right, please recommend me some mods
So far what can I say... what a motor! Getting used to all the tech it has and just enjoying it
Hi , this is my little Civic. 1.8L Type S with no mods for now.
Hi guys? Had this bad boy recently. Done a little mods. Still looking for other stuff to do. Any advise welcome. Thanks Stay safe ?
Hey, bought this civic tourer back in October following the death of my previous fn2. Ever expanding family needed a car to suite. I love this little beauty. All the mod cons ie reverse camera, parking sensors and zero road tax! She's just a lovely daily car. Got a couple sutble little mods in...
My new beauty, seen some miles but so have I.
2007 Honda FN2 Type R (Nighthawk black)
2013 Honda Civic (Orchid Pearl White)
2018 Honda Civic Sport Plus (Rallye Red)
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