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My recent return to the civic fold
Hi All I'm new to the page. Situated in Cape Town, South Africa. Thought I'd share a few pictures here 👍😁
My night hawk black FN2
Cheap wee upgrade for my civic mk8 1.8.
This is my first car, I really want to transform this car as I think it has potential if done right, please recommend me some mods
So far what can I say... what a motor! Getting used to all the tech it has and just enjoying it
Hi , this is my little Civic. 1.8L Type S with no mods for now.
Hi guys? Had this bad boy recently. Done a little mods. Still looking for other stuff to do. Any advise welcome. Thanks Stay safe ?
Hey, bought this civic tourer back in October following the death of my previous fn2. Ever expanding family needed a car to suite. I love this little beauty. All the mod cons ie reverse camera, parking sensors and zero road tax! She's just a lovely daily car. Got a couple sutble little mods in...
My new beauty, seen some miles but so have I.
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