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Orphaned TYPE R GT
Type R GT
Type R GT
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Just acquired an orphaned Black FN2 2008 Type R GT, 80k, FSH, currently used as a ‘shed’, its not rolled from the spot it was parked in several months ago (may21). I never really noticed it in the apartment car park, never drove or sat in one, not until my neighbor (previous owner).. offered it to me. Took a good look around it, its in good shape, under the moss, needs som did my research, figured out all the common problems from reading the posts in here.. then offered him a sum he refused..😂😂. Back and forth over for weeks, me, threatening to bend his arm behind his back.. he let ‘her’ go… I’m not convinced its a ‘she’ .. but now the owner of said type R GT.
So… the plan..
Back to factory glory.. OE all the way, full fluid flush, complete suspension overhaul, back and front, sachs struts, meyle everything else.its had a new exhaust and front callipers & disks prior to parking it up. Have a pioneer double din, it’s been stored several years waiting to be slotted in a dash, honda speakers need binning,.. so will tackle that and rear reverse sensors..


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Have you started reviving yet? It's like a civic info barn find :)

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little update, 6 weeks got the dreaded covid viruses 🦠, so been outa action.
All parts sitting waiting to be put on. yesterday, put the new battery in, started on the button, sweet as a nut. So, I be line for the boot… and yes , water ingress…TBH, knew it was the case, not to worry, will fix it by scotch and respraywith clear lacquer ..