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  1. Cargo Tray For Sale 10th Gen

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    Cargo Tray For Sale Our new Honda Civic 10th Gen came with a brand new Cargo Tray in the boot to keep everything tidy. But we own a dog so have no use for it and was wanting it to go to someone who could use it. Brand new - never used - still has instructions. Pick up from the North of...
  2. Air con noise

    Bugs, faults and irritations (10G)
    Hi all I've recently taken delivery of a 10th generation Honda Civic Sport 1.5 Turbo. My wife and I are generally pleased with it. However the air con makes an infuriating "whistle" when it is on. It can be heard at tick over, but seems to really get going at about 2000 rpm. It goes as soon as...