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  1. Lights (8G)
    Hi all, This sounds REALLY stupid I know but bear with me... Just got my first civic and I noticed after work last night not all the rear lights are working. I wasn't able to get a picture at the time due to me being alone and it being 3am. I dont even know which rear lights are supposed to...
  2. Introduce yourself
    After lurking around for quite some time on this forum, I've got my 2009 Civic! Basically my brother just got his company car, what means I'm taking his Civic :3 Already ordered my civinfo sticker :D ! Got some pictures aswell, hope you like my new ride - mods coming in ASAP :)
  3. Gallery (8G)
    So had this car a while now so thought I would share a few photo's of it!
1-3 of 3 Results