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  1. Bugs, faults and irritations (9G)
    Hello This morning the PGM-FI message popped up on the dash of my 2015 1.6 DTEC. Nothing out of the ordinary is happening, seems to be running as normal but did notice stop-start wasn't working on the commute. I have tried the usual cycle the ignition on/off a few times but still coming up...
  2. General Discussion (9G)
    I've been considering a performance remap for my MK9 Civic. It's currently 120hp with ~300nm. A REMAP would give it about 160hp with 360nm. I would really enjoy the performance gain, but i don't know that much about tuning. Does anybody have any experience with tuning? Does it affect...
  3. Engines and Transmission (9G)
    Hi All, I'm looking for a 2nd hand manual gearbox for my Civic Tourer 1.6 i-dtec 2014. I have seen a few on eBay already, my question is if there was only one type of the box coming with this engine or there are different types?
  4. General Discussion (9G)
    Hi guys, my car had stage 1 remap done today by Logic Motorsport. This wasn't done on the rolling road but I had a dyno run before and after, just for myself to be able to compare 'before' and 'after' (dyno on extra cost). I'm not sure what to think as the gains are much lower than I expected...
  5. Bugs, faults and irritations (9G)
    Hi all, have a 2013 1.6 i-dtec that has lost its rear washer jet/nozzle (stolen or vandalism according to previous owner). I've got a replacement nozzle from Honda, and even got a hose assembly from a scrappers (it was supposed to be the nozzle plus hose, but they somehow lost the actual nozzle...
  6. Styling (9G)
    I bought this 2015 1.6 i-DTEC SE plus recently (my first car) and am very excited to join the Honda club. However, I hated the lower front grille and fog surrounds. I definitely overpaid for replacements, but the before and after speaks for itself!
  7. My White 2015 1.6 i-DTEC Sport Navi

    In my hands since January 2020.
  8. Engines and Transmission (9G)
    Hello all, I have a 1.6 I-Dtec Civic and I was wondering if anyone found anything for their 9G to improve its sound; I found a four-exhaust system by Fox but (as always for this car) I couldn't find anything more than that and I think that it's quite.. exaggerated for a car like this. Don't...
  9. Engines and Transmission (9G)
    Hello, Just bought a new(to me) 2013 1.6 I-DTEC and thought i'd join up!! I am extremely happy with it so far and looking forward to getting involved. Thanks ahead of time for any help! So getting into it- the car did not come with a service book. I assume it was either lost or never came with...
  10. User Reviews (9G)
    Hey chaps, Since 08/2008 we own a 1.4 i-DSi Civic hatch. The looks were futuristic and never seen on any other vehicule. The handling was really good and sporty. I can only think of 2 downsides on this car. It's poor paint quality and the cheap and squeeky plastics used in the interior. In...
1-10 of 10 Results