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  1. Silver My Alabaster SE!

    Gallery (8G)
    Here's my Civic SE, it may be nothing overly special.. but its the pride and joy! You're first Honda always means alot ;) Already modded slightly with the tinted windows, Fog light protects from Wayne(Thanks Wanner69!), a new gear knob, new double din fascia and head unit etc.. Im...
  2. Faults Honda Civic 09 1.8 i-Vtec ES weird whining noise from under bonnet.

    Engines and Transmission (8G)
    HI guys. Civic info has always been a great help to me when ive been in need of a few answers and now i have another problem with my Honda Civic 09/58 1.8 i-Vtec ES . there is a weird whining noise from under the bonnet towards the left of the engine. it usually sounds when i start on cold and...
  3. Electrics Can I Install inbuilt SatNAV, Blutooth on 1.8 ES (2010 UK)

    Electronics (8G)
    Hi My car is 1.8 Petrol Auto ES It does not have any satnav or bluetooth. Is there any way i can install SATNAV, Bluetooth and Parking sensor (like EX models) If anyone konws please let me know