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  1. Areet!

    Introduce yourself
    Areet lads and lasses Im completely new to honda. Just bought myself a silver 08 civic type s fn2 yesterday. This is my first honda and already im very impressed. I will get some pictures at some point. At the moment its completely standard but im looking for some subtle little mods just to make...
  2. Fog Confusion no front fog lights

    Lights (8G)
    I have recently purchased a MY08 Type R GT I have not yet managed to turn the front fog lights on and then I started to think... perhaps they are just dummy lights. But after reading on Wikipedia and on these forums Im lead to believe that because my car is a GT edition.. I should have front...
  3. 2008 Handbrake Problem

    General Discussion (8G)
    I've got a 2008 Honda Civic Type-R 58 plate courtesy car after an old granny decided to drive into my Subaru impreza at a roundabout. On Sunday just before the grand prix was about to start it decided to take a trip down the drive and crash into my brothers car. It was on the drive for about 20...
  4. Head Full Beam lights have their own dash light?

    Lights (8G)
    Hi all, I've noticed when my car has full beam lights on i only have the two greem lamp light displayed on dash. Is the blue lamp light suppose to be on too, i thought this was for full beams. When i flash someone the blue lamp light comes on for a second. But every other time if i have Dip...