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  1. Electrics Display and radio problems

    Electronics (8G)
    Display and Radio problems Hello everyone. I have a 2009 Hatchback 1.4 i-vtec Civic. I have a problem with my display and stock radio. When the car is turned off for couple of hours, when i turn it back on everything is ok once the car and radio are on for a while then all the lights of the...
  2. AUX in Civic c-tdi 2.2 ltr, where's the usb input?

    Ipods, MP3 Players and ICE (8G)
    I'm wanting to listen to music from My phone in the car and change tracks with the wheel, AUX cable lets me play music but not change tracks with the wheel or anything apart from The phone it self. I've searched the net and it seams in the middle arm rest there's a usb slot on the left of the...
  3. Satnav Sat Nav Help.

    Electronics (8G)
    Hi, I have put a deposit down for a Honda Civic CTDI 2.2 type-S GT 2009. It does not come with a sat-nav but I was wondering if it is possible for Honda to fit a satnav with dvd in it where it would usually position. Thanks in advance guys. Joe
  4. I-shift or not?!

    General Discussion (8G)
    Hi everyone! This is my first post here in this forum ;) I'm thinking of getting a 12/2009 made Honda Civic 1.8 Type-S i-SHIFT modell. I've read a lot about the i-shift but there were a lot of problems with the older models. But i really want to know if the i-shift is good enough in the 2009...
  5. Head Unit Type R '09 Head Unit Model

    Ipods, MP3 Players and ICE (8G)
    Hey Guys, I'm after either the model of the standard heandunit in an '09 Type R GT or a pic of the rear of one with all the connections on show. I want to see what connection the aux in uses. Any help woul be appreciated. cheers,
  6. AUX in Type-S 09 model USB/iPod Classic compatibility

    Ipods, MP3 Players and ICE (8G)
    Hey guys, I'm a future Civic buyer and I have a question about the USB input that comes in the 09 model. I know it's fully compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch (you can search Artists, Albums, Playlists, etc... without any problem, unlike the 06-08 models where you can only play a small...
  7. 2009 Type-S GT Accessories

    2009 Civic (8G)
    Hi guys! I'm relatively new here... I have gone around the whole forum reading great stuff about the 2009 Civic... Was really helpful! Thanks! I was to decide between a Scirocco and the Civic. You guys helped me opt for the Civic which I'll order next Saturday. It'll be a Black Type-S 1.8 GT...
  8. 2009 Bass System installation

    2009 Civic (8G)
    I recently purchased a 2009 Honda Civic, Dx coupe, it has the standard stereo in it. I also have a subwoofer, box, and power amp from my old car. I want to install the subs, Is the installation the same as an 08? Do I need a special wiring kit or does the stock stereo have rca cable inputs on...
  9. 2009 4D anyone?

    2009 Civic (8G)
    gentlemen, i'm new to the forum, looking for a 4D civic, whilst having high expectations on the equipment which the 2008 MY does not have. i currently own a 2008 CR-V Executive Navi A/T which has outrageous fuel consumption, nowhere near the factory data. so i'm looking for something more...
  10. Today at the dealer

    2009 Civic (8G)
    Today I was at the Honda dealer to make a test ride. Some information he told me about the 2009-version I didn't find on this forum (but maybe I overlooked it): Some colors are gone. (I only remember the dark blue going out). What I haven't read before: there will be a new dark grey color. I...