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  1. Engines and Transmission (8G)
    Hi Guys Iv'e owned an FN2 for just under a month, love it apart from 3rd gear popping out and the gears being slighty sluggish when changing. After researching, I found that changing the transmission oil may help.I thought Id share my experience. *Buy Amsoil Transmission oil (need 2 bottles)...
  2. 8G Type R
    Hello All, I hope someone can help. I've had my Type R from new. It's a 2009 59 Plate facelift model. It has nearly 40K miles on it. I seem to be having problems with the gear shift up from 2nd to 3rd gear. It seems to be getting noticeably worse over the last few months. It's very 'notchy' on...
  3. Buying, Dealers and Servicing
    hi , Purchased a 2007 type r from bristol honda 2 weeks ago . Since i've had it 3rd gear has been notchy , its popped out of 1st gear and 3rd gear once . took it to honda 4pm yesterday they now called me 11am today and said that no faults can be found . In my haste i told them under the 30...
1-3 of 3 Results