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  1. Styling (8G)
    Hey guys, can anyone tell.me if this bit of an fn2 is swappable with my 5 door 2 2 mk8. Someone close to me is breaking an fn2 but the bottom bit of the bumper (the grey trim in this pic) is alread sold so i need to know if my grey trim would fit back on with the fn2 bumper. Hope I've explained...
  2. Gallery (8G)
    Finally got round to giving the motor a bit of a clean and out for a few pics, not the best location but was empty so didn't look like to much of a nutter taking pics of me car :grin2: Done a few minor updates, double din with reverse camera, Skunk2 gear knob and a gaiter, footwell LEDs, fog...
  3. Introduce yourself
    Hi Everyone from London, Wembley . . Grabbed my self a Honda civic Ex 1.8 5door, after looking and researching on cars. Couldn't find any better car then Civic. Looking forward to modify this 5door with as much low budget as possible lol, any tips or inspirations please hit me. Also if...
  4. Wheels, Tyres, Suspension and Brakes (8G)
    Hi Civinfo Members, I'm relatively new here, but I thought I could show you all my new/refurbed Altimo alloy wheels on my Milano red civic. I've recently purchased the car and the previous owner must have had a personal hatred toward the alloys as they were absolutely battered. I managed to...
  5. Introduce yourself
    Hi Civinfo Members, I've been a fan of this site for the past year or so, despite not actually owning a Civic. However that has recently changed and I purchased my 2006 1.8 Civic 5 Door. This is actually my first car and the car that I'm also learning to drive in. Yet despite my young age, I'm...
  6. Modification Projects
    Purchased this 1.4 dsi from a Honda dealer here in Ireland last year. It was pure basic spec and looked rather miserable.
  7. Styling (8G)
    has anyone window tinted a 5 door champagne silver civic ictdi? As I don't know how dark to go with the tints. Thanks
  8. Styling (8G)
    Seen a thread on here a while back about using a heat gun to mould out the existing wheel arches & shape them like the Type R arches. Has anyone done this themselves or know where to find a guide on it? Spent the past 2 hours trawling the forum with no success :(.
  9. Engines and Transmission (8G)
    Hi, At some point I'm looking to put a different set of pipes on the car if possible. I'm more after a bit more pleasant noise, but nothing obnoxious and certainly nothing deafening and speed since much of the miles I pound out are through motorway driving. Any advice on parts, pricing and where...
  10. Styling (8G)
    Hi All, Does anyone have a definitive link to a "how to" for changing the std perspex "grill" to a mesh grill (of any kind - type S, type R, non specific mesh etc) I found this link: http://www.civinfo.com/forum/styling/19192-changing-grills.html But the part numbers quoted seem to be non UK...
  11. Gallery (8G)
    Just asking as i have bought a type r spoiler for a 07 NHB 5dr SE civic and wondering if anyone else has a 5dr with a type r spoiler as i dont know whether to fit it or not! If you have can you add photos to help me decide, cheers jimmy
1-11 of 12 Results