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  1. Body kits/mods for 9th gen hatchback

    Styling (9G)
    Im after recently buying this 2014 9th gen civic and im looking into getting a body kit onto it. I wish I got the 2015 facelift model because there is far more options. Does anyone have any suggestions or websites where i can get parts to kit it out?
  2. 2013 1.6 diesel civic with start/stop battery change

    Basic tutorials
    So I cant seem to find any information anywhere on this so: when changing the battery on my civic, do I need to reset the BMS or Battery management system (if there even is one) or can I just replace the battery like for like and away I go??
  3. My White 2015 1.6 i-DTEC Sport Navi

    My White 2015 1.6 i-DTEC Sport Navi

    In my hands since January 2020.
  4. Owning a 1.8 SE manual from 4-year used

    User Reviews (9G)
    I've had about a week with my 9G 1.8 SE 6MT, and thought I would share my impressions so far, and provide a perspective from someone who bought a 4 year old used Civic rather than a new or nearly new one. Since I've not even gone through one tank of petrol, I can't comment on fuel economy right...
  5. Civic 9g iMid Reverse Camera installation

    This is How To ... (Guides Only) (9G)
    Well, for those of you who feel like they have been shafted by Honda Australia by excluding the reverse camera from the standard accessories, I've made a small pic collection on how I installed reverse camera on my 9th gen 2012 stock civic hatch. I only managed to do this after getting alot of...
  6. A Civinfo job - civicnewbie's 9th Gen - Enhancement and Winter Protection

    Evening, A while back, Tom contacted me to give his 8th Gen a good machine polish. Alas, the weather ruined our plans and he has since got rid of his Type-S. It looked as though I was never going to get to work on his car! With the weather being constantly crap and the nights getting shorter...
  7. A Tangerine 9th Gen!? - Watch This Space

    Styling (9G)
    Hi Everyone, As some of you know I work part time at Brindley Honda in Wolverhampton. I recently found out that the dealership is planning to get a 2.2 '62' plate EX civic wrapped in 'Focus ST Orange' I for one am interested in how this turns out as none of the current colours really catch my...
  8. newbie + 8th to 9th Gen

    Introduce yourself
    Hi all, I found this forum really helpful when I brought my 09 type s gt 2.2cdti last Feb. It had 17.5k on it then and really has been brilliant now approaching 80k. Due to a change in circumstances it's just about to be traded in for a brand new 62 plate se in orchid white pearl and the only...
  9. 9th Gen - My thoughts

    General Discussion (9G)
    I've been given the 2012 ES diesel as a courtesy car whilst Honda have mine. Although its a nice car, its NOT a space ship. It doesnt feel as futuristic as the 8th Gen.