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  1. White 9th Gen Civic Sport Suggestions Please!

    Styling (9G)
    Good evening all, Returning old member here (originally had a Civic Type R FN2 when I went to a couple of meets with the club). I''m back and a 3 year owner of my white Civic 9th gen sport (only just got around to returning here as I'm now looking at giving it a bit of a face lift. First...
  2. New member from holland

    Introduce yourself
    Good morning other Civic enthousiasts ? I own a Civic 8th 2007 sport 1.8, and i am currently looking for an upgrade , 9th generation. Been to a few dealers and have a question for other 9th gen users . The driver seat, i have test driven in 3, 9thgen cars, 2013 make, and all the driver...
  3. The 2012 Honda Racing NGTC Civic - 9th Gen Civic

    General Discussion (9G)
    Just a few photos from fn2team-r.blogspot.com/: