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a/c fault

  1. AC/Heater A/C help

    Electronics (8G)
    Hi all, So I've had the civic re-gassed a few times over the years - More recently 3-4 months ago - It started to become weaker and would work OK on a morning but after mid day piratically warm. Took it for another re-gas - They took 140 gas Out and no oil - put 465 gas in with 10CC oil and...
  2. AC/Heater AC noise issue

    Bugs, faults and irritations (8G)
    I have 2007 2.2 CTDI and early this year I had a minor front end accident. As part of the repair the garage had to change the ac condenser. Everything was fine for a while then I started to get a vibration after I switched on the ac and when I switch it off the vibration immediately stopped...
  3. AC/Heater Air Conditioning not working

    Bugs, faults and irritations (8G)
    Hi everyone. So today I get in my car and air con ain't working. It was regassed a few months ago and working beautifully up until today... Was working fine on Friday and nothing today... Didn't use the car yesterday but we did have thunder and lightening (as daft as it might sound could this...
  4. AC/Heater compressor won't engage

    Bugs, faults and irritations (8G)
    Hi, I am having a problem with my 2007 Civic hatch a/c compressor not engaging when the a/c is turned on. I have done the following tests. Jumping the wire on the alternator leading to the compressor - the compressor engages and cold air blows out the vents almost instantly as it should when...
  5. Electrics A/C fault with engine management light?

    Electronics (8G)
    Hi, I hope someone can help a complete newbie :confused: I got my Civic (55 reg, 2.2TDI sport) a month ago and the previous owner told me that she newer used the aircon as it wasn't blowing any cold air at all. As I looked through the forum I saw that it might just needs a recharging so I took...