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  1. Is this rev counter behavior during acceleration normal?

    General Discussion (8G)
    Just bought myself a 2010 2.2 CTDI Civic. When accelerating, especially if in fourth gear the rev counter increases (as you would expect), but then stops, and even begins to decrease a few seconds later despite still having my foot on the accelerator. Despite this, the car's speed does increase...
  2. Other Rattle/hum from engine when accelerating (1.8 Petrol)

    Engines and Transmission (8G)
    Driving down the M4 the other day, my car developed a faint rattling/ humming like sound coming from the engine bay on the drivers side. As far as I can tell, the sound can only be heard under acceleration and isn't present when the car is stationary. At first, I thought this might have been...