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  1. Cargo Tray For Sale 10th Gen

    Items for sale
    Cargo Tray For Sale Our new Honda Civic 10th Gen came with a brand new Cargo Tray in the boot to keep everything tidy. But we own a dog so have no use for it and was wanting it to go to someone who could use it. Brand new - never used - still has instructions. Pick up from the North of...
  2. honda-access.com?

    General Discussion (8G)
    I can't seem to get the www.honda-access.com website to work correctly, be it for the car accessories or the Honda merchandise. For the car accessories I get to the screen with a scroll down menu to pick the car model I'm interested in and then nothing happens. For the merchandise, I can...
  3. 2009 Type-S GT Accessories

    2009 Civic (8G)
    Hi guys! I'm relatively new here... I have gone around the whole forum reading great stuff about the 2009 Civic... Was really helpful! Thanks! I was to decide between a Scirocco and the Civic. You guys helped me opt for the Civic which I'll order next Saturday. It'll be a Black Type-S 1.8 GT...