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  1. Dead I-Shift - trying to find out which part has failed.

    Engines and Transmission (8G)
    Hi everybody. Yesterday i-Shift in my 57 Civic stopped working, it happened overnight. I drove it on Friday without any problems but when I tried to start it on Saturday morning a cog wheel symbol popped on a dash display and I could not select any gear or Automatic mode. I can start the...
  2. Transmission Actuator- programming problem

    Engines and Transmission (8G)
    Hello! My Honda Civic 2006 i-shift had common trouble with P0810 fault code. We have sent the actuator for the repair. It came back and the garage fitted it back. I just called the garage and they have problem with learning it back again. They said they did bleeding, deleted all the faults- no...
  3. Civic and Jazz I-shift, ishift actuator/clutch system repair at your home address

    Civinfo 'Hobbyist' traders
    I would like to offer a professional, comprehensive and nationwide repair service for an I-shift system/clutch actuator in your Civic or Jazz if it becomes faulty. If you encountered one of the following: - cog wheel symbol popped on a dash display during driving, but disappeared after engine...
  4. Door handle rod/actuator

    General Discussion (8G)
    Hi folks, Had to replace my drivers door handle as the old one was completely shot and barely attached to the door, got the new handle in but the rod is just going straight through the mechanism of the door catch, when you push the button on the handle externally the rod/actuator is going down...
  5. Questions PLEASE ADVISE!!! Honda civic actuator failure

    Buying, Dealers and Servicing
    Can anyone tell me how to remove the osr door lock from a 2006 civic 5 door car, the electric actuator has failed in the locked position so the door will not unlock with the key remote, or with either the handle inside or outside. I want to remove the lock to fit a replacement , but cannot do so...
  6. Other iShift Failure

    Engines and Transmission (8G)
    Sad that my second post is a fault - but it is what it is. My Civic 1.8 iShift (Cylon :cool:) is currently in with my local dealer because the 'cog' warning indicator came on the other day: This meant that my little black Cylon would not go into any gear (including Neutral), and thus...