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  1. Cox Motor Parts
    Take your Civic to the next level with our range of bespoke grilles. :smile3: From £168.53 to £199 inc VAT and fitting. Choose from Sports, Type R replica, Special Custom, Special Sports and Stealth. For more details please call 01524 899670 or message us. :wink3:
  2. Styling (9G)
    [/ATTACH]Hi not sure if this is a silly question or not i have the sports grill that has the badge going inwards, i have ordered 2 type r red badge amblems. If i take my silver h off and will these fit on? Or will i have trouble with like rain getting behinf and in the gap as it is not the flat...
  3. Styling (8G)
    At risk of opening myself up for ridicule - I just couldn't help myself....
  4. Styling (8G)
    After having the wheels refurbed I was not happy with the standard colour of the centre caps, Ian (Coolice) has done a brilliant job on these domed resin centre caps and they go so much better with the wheels, the wheels look anthracite in the shade and a sort of Neochrome in the sun. The new...
  5. Styling (8G)
    Hi all, been considering changing my '08 standard grill to the sports mesh grille -but if I do this then I will want the red honda 'H' badge too. Can someone please let me know the dimensions of the indent in the sports grille so I can do some ebay'ing and get the right sized badge? Thank you. A.
  6. Styling (8G)
    i havnt seen any threads about this so fort id make one maybe get some tips. anyway just thinkin about changing my honda badge at the front maybe the back aswell from the silver outline to maybe a plate honda badge like the type R but instead of red behide it have blue. just wanted to know if...
1-6 of 8 Results