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  1. Lights (8G)
    Hi guys :frown2: civic 2008 2.2L Diesel here. I had my right headlight fuse blow up. I replaced it, and it blow up again after a month or so. Since them it blows up as soon as I put a new one and turn on the lights. It's MOT time and the mechanic removed the bumper to check the ballast, and...
  2. Lights (8G)
    Hi, I have recently picked up a 2.2cdti sport and love it. Why did I not know about these cars before? Any way I have one niggle which is the OEM fitted HID low beams. My passenger side doesn't work and having shelved out for a new bulb and fitting from Halfords (never again!) it turns out it...
  3. Lights (8G)
    Hey everyone. Anyone know the best Place to get a replacement ballast for a factory fitted hid set up. AA man fried mine when he jump started the car (flat battery caused by the necessary software upgrade). My car is a 2006 ex cdti. Thanks all
1-3 of 3 Results