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battery drain

  1. Battery 06 Civic 1.8 EX battery problems

    Electronics (8G)
    It would seem the battery on my car will last the maximum of two years. I am on my fourth battery and it has gone flat. OK the car hasn't moved for about 8 weeks due to a personal injury. But I've had this trouble before. The battery flattens for no reason, seemingly after its been left for from...
  2. Used Question around Battery Drain and MICU

    Buying, Dealers and Servicing
    HI, I recently (just over a month ago) bought a 2006 Civic and its' battery has drained twice when left for 24hrs+. Taking it to my local Honda dealer they advised the HFT was the drain but that it was controlled and prompted by the MICU. That the MICU was the root cause. Advised this would...