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  1. Wanted - Civic 2008 roof bars

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    I am a new member and tomorrow I am collecting my new 2009 (58) Civic 2.2 CTDI ES. I am looking for roofbars as the ones from my old car which are good quality dont fit. They are Aeromaxi aero dynamic bars. looking to buy or exchange. I also will be getting rid of my mont blanc s3 rear bike...
  2. Roof rack and towbar

    General Discussion (8G)
    I want to carry my mountain bikes and fit a roof box to my Civic I have the Thule roof bar system and roof box which I use on my Volvo. So I could buy a Civic footpack so I can use them on both cars but I can't believe you have to butcher the roof trim on the Civic to get at the roof rack...