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  1. Styling (8G)
    Hi All, I have spent the majority of my day trying to find the Type S Spoiler for my 2011 Civic SI in Sapphire Blue. I understand that these aren't easy to find. Are we still able to buy them through Honda? Or is there a pattern part I can buy? I really think it should have been a standard...
  2. Styling (8G)
    Hi Guys. First time posting on here, Currently looking for FN2 SIDE SKIRTS, FRONT GRILL, REAR BOOTLID SPOILER. Any help would be appreciated greatly! :)
  3. Styling (8G)
    Hi it has been some time since I logged in here, and thought to ask your comments on adding the following. front & Rear skirt. side skirt. front & rear bumper protectors. side body protectors. This will all cost £1589 direct. Or Honday will supply and fit for £1841 as a favour to me.. I...
1-3 of 3 Results