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  1. Bumper realignment

    Bugs, faults and irritations (8G)
    I was recently in and accident in my 57 plate FN3 civic where the front of my car was damaged this meant I had to replace both headlights, both headlight rails, both bumper brackets, the grill, radiator and condenser. I did this all by myself and it went pretty well (or so i thought.) However...
  2. bodyshops around north west

    General Discussion (8G)
    owned my civic now for 5 months and I've finally got round to deciding to get it colour coded. Question is where to get it done around the Wigan area, if anybody knows any good reliable bodyshops ? Have been quoted £300 for one place but its the first I have contacted, although its a similar...
  3. Bodywork repairs - Salisbury & around

    General Discussion (8G)
    Hello, I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for bodywork repairs in or around Salisbury? It's nothing major but there's a couple of scratches & a scuff mark (I think) that I'd liked removed. Thanks in advance, Neil
  4. In need of a BodyShop In Birmingham

    General Discussion (8G)
    Hi i hope somebody can help.. Consistent with most people who have had body paint issues, i have paint that is just peeling off in patches all around the body work (bonnet, doors etc).. I believe that this has been resprayed before i had it (very badly though).. Unfortunately i have scratched...
  5. what is this bolt called ??

    Styling (8G)
    Hello ! I have a 2007 honda civic type s gt A plastic panel is hanging down from the bottom. .. its not the big one but the smaller panel a metre back from the front of the car closest to the drivers side. It looks like a bolt has come loose ! Any idea what the heck its called or if it's...
  6. Scratch repair problem

    Styling (8G)
    Hi guys, Decided to eventually get round to the little scratches, marks etc and used the t-cut scratch repair pen as great reviews online One problem It's left a residue that looks like water dripping and was wondering in all of your infinite wisdom on here if there are any suggestions to be...
  7. Bodywork Poor repair by Honda approved bodyshop

    Bugs, faults and irritations (8G)
    I've had my 09 Civic EX 2.2 returned today after a week in a Honda approved body shop. It went in to have a scuff and dent repaired to the front nearside door and wing caused by a 2MPH glancing argument with a car park bollard. Was meant to be a 3 day job, but ended up needing the door...
  8. Replacing a driver side door

    Styling (8G)
    I have unfortunately crashed my 06 Civc Se into a bollard and my driver side door has horrible scratches and massive indentation, which I believed requires serious body work and repaint... I have spoken to a few body work places, and they have quoted between £700 and £1100 to get a whole new...
  9. Bodywork Front door alignment (panel gap)

    Bugs, faults and irritations (8G)
    I've purchased a 2006 2.2 ES model this weekend after putting off changing from a 2005 Type R due to an imminent baby arrival. I'm pleased with the car (whilst getting used to less power), however I've now noticed the front passenger side door has different size gaps between the front and rear...