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  1. Wheels, Tyres, Suspension, Brakes (10G)
    I have recently had a slow puncture to one of my front wheels and as the grip is nearing legal limits I have decided to put the money to repair a puncture towards changing the pair. (Still using original Primacy 3 and have covered 17,500 miles) Now I am stuck for choice on tyres. I have a 1.0...
  2. Wheels, Tyres, Suspension and Brakes (8G)
    1st tyre change on my Type S GT is soon due. My fronts need to be replaced. They had the Bridgestone Turanza ER 300 225/45 R17 91Y that the car was made with on. I bought it nearly new. Currently I'm at about 12-14k miles. Currently trying to decide between Bridgestone Turanza ER 300 Ecopia...
  3. Wheels, Tyres, Suspension and Brakes (8G)
    Took the Civic down to National Tyres today for some new fronts. I've used this branch for years and they always do a price match so they came back with £180 fitted for 2 Turanza's - a like for like replacement for what was already fitted from new. Got home tonight and on checking the tyres...
1-3 of 3 Results