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  1. Diamondbrite - The Ultimate Paint Protection (up to 6 years)

    Hi guys and girls, I decided to open a thread when I tried DiamondBrite Ultimate paint protection, I think its incredible. As we all know we must protect our highly polished civic’s (and other honda’s) during the winter months, I have tried sealants and they seem to only last a short period of...
  2. Dealers Exciting times ahead for Brindley Honda - Cannock - Civinfo User Discount Coming Soon

    Buying, Dealers and Servicing
    Hi everyone, As some of you may know I work at two of the Brindley Honda Dealerships in the West Midlands. Recently I posted a thread for discount on service bits on the forum, offering members of Civinfo 25% discount. The thread has been really successful in my opinion. So my manager and I...