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  1. Wheels, Tyres, Suspension and Brakes (8G)
    Hey guys my question is this, after a failed MOT due to cracked passenger suspension spring and leaking fluid a failed ball joint on lower control arm and worn CV joint so replaced the parts with a type R parts as was a parts car available to me would this set up be the cause of negative camber?
  2. Wheels, Tyres, Suspension and Brakes (8G)
    Hi Everyone, I am sorry if this has been covered, i am a total idiot when it comes to rim sizes/offset etc and just want a straight yes or no answer. I have a 2010 type r. Standard ride height etc. All standard. I want these rims Fifteen 52 TurboMac Rims. Fifteen52 Turbomac Wheel – 18×8.5 /...
  3. Wheels, Tyres, Suspension and Brakes (8G)
    i got a problem with front off side tyre its worn from the outside just got new set off tyres bridgestone potenza 100 each and my tyre is worn on one side allready!!!!!! done wheel alligment but my tyre still gets worm/hot on the outside of the tyre. how do you addjust camber on civic 2.2 ictdi...
1-3 of 4 Results