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  1. Previous Civics
    Car won’t start had no warning lights come up have electric just clicks clicking any help appreciated
  2. Electronics and ICE (9G)
    Hello I am new to the forum, I would appreciate some advice on my car please. I have had AA look at my car when it was recovered but they couldn't start it. Said it was battery and possibly fuel pump. Had a local mechanic in the area said it could be a maf sensor. I replaced the battery...
  3. General Discussion (8G)
    Drove to work this morning just fine, after work car won't start. Ignition works fine - radio/lights/fan all come on (no dim lights so not dead battery), but after pushing the start button absolutely nothing happens and "PGM-FI" comes up on the centre screen. No clicking sounds, no sound at all...
  4. Engines and Transmission (8G)
    hi there im sorry if this has been brought up before but couldnt find anything. Today the key remote locking stopped working and the engine wont start. Is this an immobiliser issue to do with the key not working. Is the solution a new battery in the key and all will be fine. If this is the...
1-4 of 4 Results