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carbon dash

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    changing my dash-trim
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    changing my dash-trim
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    changing my dash-trim
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    changing my dash-trim
  5. General Discussion (10G)
    Hi I’ve just upgraded to the 2020 model! dose anyone know what 3m tape is used! For Mugen defectors and what 3m tape is used to apply the interior carbon pack appreciate the feedback thank you in advance
  6. Styling (8G)
    Big thanks to Topcat for selling me her old dash at a great price. It arrived very quickly and very well packed. That night it went from this To this: and today I got around to fitting it (buying a set of trim removal tools was the best idea ever) Thoughts? Suggestions what to do with...
  7. Gallery (8G)
    Had the week off work purely to use up some holiday and seeing as i hadn't made any plans I decided to get started on a few subtle mods on the Vivid : Climair Deflectors Sports Grille Carbon Dash RickHondaR's Footwell Ambient LED's Just waiting on my civinfo sticker to finish off for now :)