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  1. 20200509_191612.jpg

    changing my shift-sack an knob
  2. 20200602_180950.jpg

    changing my shift-sack an knob
  3. 20200602_181043.jpg

    changing my shift-sack an knob
  4. Styling (8G)
    Hi guys, looking to get my FN2 part wrapped. Bonnet, roof and spoiler. I've decided on this as the bonnet keeps getting stone chipped galore, it has been already sprayed twice and also I fancy a change. My FN2 is Milano red. I am in two minds of which kind of wrap to go for. Matt, carbon or...
  5. Styling (8G)
    Got back a lot of the parts I sent off to Rade Customs in Manchester for hydrodipping. Just waiting on the dash/instrument cluster. Really impressed with the look, its a lot better than the early carbon fibre look films.
  6. 8G Type R
    Mfactory carbon lined synchro rings the problem has been solved. Admin please close this thread. thanks
  7. Styling (8G)
    Hi Guys, Following on from this thread http://www.civinfo.com/forum/styling/96610-carbon-door-handle-covers.html I have been talking to Chris at Carbonworx. You can find them on Facebook. They make carbon fibre parts and also skin parts in real carbon fibre. They are moving to a new premises...
  8. Styling (8G)
    Hi all, I had my fog blanks (Type S) wrapped in the new gloss carbon today. Really pleased for them, they look brilliant in the flesh. Now the dash, I had to really try and pursuance the wrappers to do it this way, they wanted opposite carbon weave and tried to get me to ditch the brushed...
  9. Styling (8G)
    Hi, I'm new to the site so if I am breaking any rules I apologise, I am just trying to help people on here out and to save some money. I wanted carbon fibre parts in my FTO, but there weren't made. I then heard of a local company that could dip any part in a carbon fibre patterned film over...
  10. Styling (8G)
    Big thanks to Topcat for selling me her old dash at a great price. It arrived very quickly and very well packed. That night it went from this To this: and today I got around to fitting it (buying a set of trim removal tools was the best idea ever) Thoughts? Suggestions what to do with...
  11. Styling (8G)
    After seeing my boyfriend's carbon wrapped bonnet I was dead set on getting it done. The problem was, once I had that done I wanted MORE! So then came the speaker rings and the pillars...thank you to Tom8126 obviously(!) for all the help :p x Maybe I'll attempt the mirrors again, but they are so...
  12. Styling (8G)
    hey guys, i've been thinking of what other things i can do to the looks of my type s gt, and was wondering about carbon wrapping the bonnet... but i have no idea if it will look that good with the colour of my car being blueish silver, anyone on here got the same colour car with carbon wrapped...
  13. Styling (8G)
    I was a bit busy this weekend doing a few bits on the Civ ;) Firstly the, all the CF wrap got ripped off the spoiler, I damaged the vinyl so just colour coded the spoiler and stuck it on!! I'd had this idea of wrapping just the ends and top of the spoiler, leaving a Grey lip from edge to...
1-13 of 15 Results