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  1. Fn2 Type R - exhaust manifold change - advice and questions (TEGIWA parts)

    Hello, i am rather new here so if these questions were already answered i was unable to find them on the board (did a quite bit of searching and scavenging for info). I am planing and hoping to change the CAI, intake manifold , exhaust manifold and exhaust system, at this point the car is...
  2. Exhaust Catalytic converter for 2010 Type-r is it fits in 2008 Type-s ?

    Engines and Transmission (8G)
    Hi, I have 2008 Type-s Hatchback petroil my original cat. converter died, after that i have bough a cat converter from ebay but original model for 2010 type-r. My question is this converter fit to my 2008 civic type-s ? Is the fault light on after installation ? :nerd: