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  1. Tuning Celtic Tuning Economy/Stage 1 Remap

    Engines and Transmission (8G)
    Hi All, Really want to hear from the forum members who are currently running their cars with either Celtic's Economy or Stage 1 remap, but who are using a standard clutch. What's your experience with either, is there better MPG to be had? Or is the performance gain with the Economy noticeably...
  2. FR-V owner saying hello.

    Introduce yourself
    Hi Folks, Seems I have been here ages and never posted, how rude ! Anyway think I should say hi and thank everyone for a great site. Have been driving the i-CTDi in an FR-V since I bought it new in December 2005 (55 plate), and what a great car it has been, despite being T-Boned by a numpty in...
  3. Hello from Durham

    Introduce yourself
    Hey! I've had my civic 2.2cdti EX since May and have only just found you guys yesterday.... No idea what I've been doing?! So naturally I've already ordered MrBozo's automatic folding wing mirror kit, I've just been out in the cold to try the diagnostic stuff with the actual speed etc, and...