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check system warning

  1. Computer CHECK SYSTEM warning light

    Bugs, faults and irritations (8G)
    I have the Check System with an engine symbol coming on my 2.2 ictdi everytime with an evident loss of power (which I assume is some kind of safe mode). I have checked the air filter which was surprisingly too dirty. Replaced it but the warning remained Have checked the DTC errors but I only...
  2. Engine CHECK SYSTEM and RPM limited to 2200 after EGR valve clean

    Bugs, faults and irritations (8G)
    Hello All, I have a 2007 Honda Civic 2.2 Diesel with 81000 miles on it. For last two months, my Civic was giving CHECK SYSTEM error on and off usually lasting 1 day at a time and then it would disappear for 2-3 days. I took it to a Honda mechanic last week, he checked the error message which...
  3. Faults Check system light

    Engines and Transmission (8G)
    Hi all Looking for some help with my 1.4 dsi 07 civic. Just had the check system light come on. Think it my be because I disconnected what I am guessing is the air temp sensor as I was looking to fit an induction kit. They only other things I done before this was check the condition of the air...