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  1. Sat nav update for 2007 EX CDTI

    General Discussion (8G)
    Hi, I appreciate this might not be possible anymore/worth it but is it still possible to get access to more info on this upgrade by becoming a paid member? I bought this car for a grand but was impressed I was still able to link my phone to Honda’s HFT considering it’s 13 years old! I’m not...
  2. Honda Civic Hybrid 2008 1.3 IMA won't start clicking noise

    Hi All, I'm new to the forums and looking for some help. I have had Honda Civic Hybrid 1.3 IMA 2008 for 2 1/2 years. Never had any issues in my car. This Sunday when I started the car, the car dashboard had battery light turned on. I drove off the car to the local shop to pick up my...
  3. Ideas - 06 Civic with Nav - Aftermarket Stereo and Factory Nav

    Ipods, MP3 Players and ICE (8G)
    Hi there, I was recently looking through youtube and this video was suggested to me "" I was wondering if anyone had any idea how to do this set up? I've commented on the guys video but he doesn't appear to reply to his comments. Adam.
  4. Changing pads without windback or torque wrench

    Wheels, Tyres, Suspension and Brakes (8G)
    Pads need changed all round, got them and I’m getting fed up waiting on my cousin (who’s a mechanic) getting back to me about when he’s free to do them. Read that you need a windback tool for the rear caliper piston although there’s videos on how to do it without the tool. Also that you have...
  5. Anyone done something like this?

    General Discussion (8G)
    Has anyone done something like this to their civic?
  6. GP kit from Cox

    General Discussion (8G)
    Looking at the GP kit from Cox, does it just replace the original splitter that’s there?
  7. Roof rust along windscreen

    General Discussion (8G)
    I believe this may be a common problem with the civics, my 2008 one had it and you would’ve seen a few droplets coming in through the sun visors mount closer to the centre of the car. This civic has a bit of rust not as bad as my last one to be fair but it’s still there. i read on a thread that...
  8. Fk8 spoiler on 8g?

    General Discussion (8G)
    Just wondering if the fk8 spoiler would fit (with some adjustments) to the an 8g civic?
  9. Changing factory HIDs for H7 LEDs

    Lights (8G)
    Good evening! I've recently acquired a 2006 Honda Civic FK3, 2.2 Diesel. Yesterday the drivers side headlight bulb died. So I've been searching the internet for what bulbs it requires. H7 was the connector type I managed to narrow it down to, so I brought some H7 LED bulbs off of Amazon...
  10. Best place to get eibach spacers?

    General Discussion (8G)
    Looking to get the eibach spacers 20mm and wondering where the best place to get them is
  11. Vivid blue or champ white?

    Styling (8G)
    My last civic was vivid blue and I recently found out had the image kit on it with type s wheels, it looked really nice, I have a pic of it somewhere. Current car is silver and eventually I’m going to get it sprayed, I love both the blue and the white but can’t decide which I’d go for...
  12. Multiple maps 2.2

    General Discussion (8G)
    Seen a video on YouTube of a type r that had 4 maps on it and it was accessed and selected through the cruise control. just curious as to whether it’s possible to do this in a 2.2 without cruise control? I want a map like everyone else to give the car a bit more power but had also seen on...
  13. Anyone drove uk to Spain?

    General Discussion (8G)
    Thinking of a driving holiday to Spain next year, just wondering if anyone here has done it coming from the Uk, I’ll be coming from Northern Ireland but that just adds a couple more hours and expenses. Any tips or advice would be great
  14. 2.2 or ctr

    General Discussion (8G)
    Currently have my 2010 2.2, just put 100k on it but I’ll be wanting to get it mapped and some body styling done, type r kit Mugen wing etc keep toying with the idea because I’d love a type r, but I love driving, I got my civic in April 19 with 80k on the clock and I’ve put 20k on it so far. Bit...
  15. Heat shield? 2.2

    General Discussion (8G)
    Just wondering about the heat shields, mine was rattling a few months ago and a few people including a mechanic friend said just to pull it off, googled it to see about effects of doing that, mpg drop was one. On average I’m losing about 10mpg, used to get roughly 48-50mpg (my trip resets after...
  16. Owned a Tourer for 3 months now!

    User Reviews (9G)
    Hi, New member here and quite new Civic tourer (pre-facelift) owner :) Just wanted to share some feelings of my Civic. I bought it from a car retailer here in Finland and it had 107 000 km driven. One owner before me. Has the 1.6 diesel, ADAS system, xenon lights, adaptive dampers, tinted...
  17. Blue Civic 06 MkVIII model. Loving it after second day

    Introduce yourself
    Its got all the modcons bar wing mirror auto withdraw that my 2018 Seat Leon had. Under 100k miles which is phenomenal for a car this age. Its an 06 ES with auto wipers, lights, cruise control, etc. One small problem I plan on fixing myself as it reminds me of my first car which I could fix...
  18. HDD access error - 2.2 Ex

    Electronics and ICE (9G)
    Hi Everybody, Today I started my car and the HDD access error popped up on the screen, please see attached photo. After ~20sec screen just turns black and you can't do nothing, neither turn audio settings, NAV, Telephone menu and etc. When you push any button the same notification appears and...
  19. 2014 Civic Tourer Parts Catalog?

    General Discussion (9G)
    Hello everyone! I currently own a 2014 a Civic Tourer 1.8 and was wondering if there is somekind of online parts catalog I can look up parts number for? I used to have a 2012 Insight and used amayama to look up parts on, but I do not see the Civic Tourer listed on that website. Thanks!
  20. Does any of this need changing? Drop links?

    General Discussion (8G)
    Hello, I kerbed my wheel today! I ended up having to get a new tyre. *cries* was hoping for this to never happen but I guess it did. Was rushing for no reason and tried getting through tight gap of cars so my idiotic fault and I usually drive slower than people. I had the car jacked up waiting...