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  1. Gallery (8G)
    Here's my Civic SE, it may be nothing overly special.. but its the pride and joy! You're first Honda always means alot ;) Already modded slightly with the tinted windows, Fog light protects from Wayne(Thanks Wanner69!), a new gear knob, new double din fascia and head unit etc.. Im...
  2. Detailing
    Hi guys, Posted this up on DW but thought I'd share here too :) So ever since I got into this detailing malarky, my brother has taken more of an interest in the condition of his paintwork and since I pointed out to him a while ago how bad it was, he has been on at me to try and make it better...
  3. Detailing
    So the other day I noticed that I was running out of my Autobrite Magi-Foam, so I started hunting around for an alternative. (although I have been pleased with the magi-foam). And working at brindley honda, I came across the company that they buy their cleaning products from; sterling products...
  4. Gallery (8G)
    Weather wasn't too bad yesterday and the fact the hosepipe ban is gone I gave the car a well deserved clean. Few pics with the "new camera" by new I mean i've had it since christmas but still don't understand it fully yet ;) Hope you like. :)
  5. Detailing
    Just gave my car the first proper clean of the year gave it a machine polish to take out most of the swirls, although i didnt get a chance to take photos after it had been glazed, sealed and waxed using Blackfire as my camera has packed in. Quite happy with the results of the polishing looks...
  6. Detailing
    I entered the polishedbliss.com shown n shine competition they have every month, you win £150 worth of goods from their website, I entered feburarys competition and won. Im well chuffed got £150 worth of detailing goodies to get now, dont no what im going to choose spoilt for choice. Heres...
  7. Detailing
    Hi - Nobody told me a black car would be so HARD to clean. I'm not obsesive just want a decent result - any advice what to use ? :D
1-8 of 9 Results