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  1. Other Windscreen wiper discolouration

    Electronics (8G)
    Hi everyone, I bought a 2006 1.8 petrol Civic two weeks ago, and loving it! There are a few teething problems, but nothing out of the blue. One thing that's bugging me is that the front right (driver's side) windscreen wiper arm is covered with a white-yellow colour. It looks like it's...
  2. How to remove/clean green mold/mould from light cluster water channels

    This is How To ... (Guides Only) (8G)
    When I bought my 2010 FK3 there was bright green mold all around the rear light cluster. This is a well-known fault with the 8G Civic and is to do with water/soap getting trapped in the light cluster drainage channels and turning green. This is much like the pond scum you'd get on any poorly...
  3. Karcher Power Foamer

    Hi guys quick question, I have recently got a Karcher FJ6 Foam Lance accessory which creates foam. Just wondering what car shampoo you would recommend for a good amount of foam. Cheers
  4. Cleaning Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2

    Hi car cleaning pros, im after some advice on how to clean my cars standard alloys (Pic below) Seen a few threads on cleaning black alloys, but they are a few years old, so i wondered if they are newer products available. My alloys are kind of 'dull' and some brake dust refuses to come off...
  5. Nighthawk black civic. Lost it's...glam

    Hi all. Got an 08 nighthawk black civic type S, and it's looking a little worse for wear compared to when I bought it a year ago, and is just in need of a little TLC. I have been browsing over the cleaning forum for quite a while and in short I don't even know where to start product wise as...
  6. Plastic Wheel Arch Trims

    General Discussion (8G)
    Hi, anyone got any recommendations for cleaning up/restoring the plastic wheel arch trims, mine a re looking decidedly faded. I do remember there used to be a product on the market called Back to Black, but not sure if that's suitable, or even available anymore.
  7. Other How to clean the rear headlights

    Lights (8G)
    I'm not sure if there is a thread for this as I haven't found one, but I was wondering if anyone knew how too get the green gunk that accumulates around the edges of the rear centre and indicator light. How to get them open too get inside them ect or any other ways that are easier, thanks!
  8. My mates Type-R GT

    Hi guys, My mate called me the other day to say that some inconsiderate person had left a small scuff on his door whilst he was at the shops. I said I would have a look and whilst I was at it, give his car a wash and some of my new Soft99 Fusso Dark :) Anyhoo, on with the show... How the car...
  9. A Civinfo job - civicnewbie's 9th Gen - Enhancement and Winter Protection

    Evening, A while back, Tom contacted me to give his 8th Gen a good machine polish. Alas, the weather ruined our plans and he has since got rid of his Type-S. It looked as though I was never going to get to work on his car! With the weather being constantly crap and the nights getting shorter...
  10. Good quality hose reel?

    Just wondering what hoses everyone is using? I bought a B&Q own brand hose reel at the start of the year and it's been fine but there's now a few pinhole leaks and it seems to get badly twisted when I'm putting it away :( Cheers DP
  11. Deadpool's Type-S...finally!

    So I took delivery of my Crystal Black Type-S on the 17th September 2012 and vowed to do something about the condition of the paintwork ever since. Since then I have read/learned/research/bought/tested detailing. Obviously still a work in progress as you'll never know everything and a years...
  12. A Civic that looks like an Astra?!

    lol because it is an Astra!! Thought I'd just post my weekends detailing escapade... Well this weekend was the first weekend in ages with some good weather, too good unfortunately... So here goes... Black Astra, horrendous paintwork that was the doing of the previous owner. I was called in to...
  13. Megs 105 & 205

    Alright chaps! Bought myself some Megs 105 & 205 there! I've got a variety of pads to use on my DA including Hex-Logic and Microfiber. Question is, what would you go for on Honda paint?!
  14. Jaguar XF - Correction attempt

    Morning world, My old man has been banging on at me for about 6 months now to take the DA to his beloved XF... so I did. Now I don't have before or during pictures but trust me when I say that this car is a '58 plate and had swirls and scratches galore! Process; Power wash Snow Foam -...
  15. Autocleanz Sale - End of May

    Hi folks, So lots of people have been asking me what is happening in regards of our sale, so this is a post explaining a bit more. Basically the 26th May marks exactly 18 months since Autocleanz was formed and we want to take the time to thank all the people who have helped us become the...
  16. Nice White Punto in for some loving...

    Evening people. Got a call from my brother through the week asking if I knew how to remove decals... Challenge Accepted. His GF's mum wanted her Punto in for a wee spruce up and the old, faded decals removed. I was more than happy to oblige... Let's get cracking shall we :) Time started...
  17. Quick(ish) Spring Clean

    Since the weather was half decent yesterday, I gave her a wee clean... Power washed Snow foamed (R-1NE) Grille, Gaps, Vents, etc agitated with new Auto Finesse brushes Power washed down Hand washed with Britemax Clean Max Power washed down Tyres degreased, APC'd then wheels cleaned with CG...
  18. Wax - Curing Time?

    Morning people! Got my first "detail" on a car that isn't mine coming up this Sunday :) Was just wondering how long everyone leaves wax to cure for? I used Chemical Guys 50/50 and left it on for about 20 minutes before removing but I've got Vics wax now and I've seen over on DW that some guys...
  19. Horror Stories?

    Do you have any horror stories from cleaning/detailing? i.e. maybe forgot to put a pad on your DA and attacked your car with a Velcro backing plate... defo didn't do that lol seriously. I didn't. Maybe spilled a product all over the interior? Anything at all. Just wondering :) DP
  20. CleanYourCar - Xmas Discount Codes

    If you've got any spare cash...