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  1. Engines and Transmission (8G)
    Hi I'm trying to remove the blower fan from an 2007 civic, I've removed the 4 nuts that holds the clutch pedal assembly in place but can't move it further away to get the clearance to remove the old blower unit how can I remove the clutch pedal assembly, ideally without disturbing the...
  2. Bugs, faults and irritations (8G)
    Hi everyone, Relatively new here, thought you awesome people might help me with this clutch pedal sound (Video below). First it happened a couple of months back, mechanic just sprayed some grease and it stopped. Now it is happening again. I tried spraying grease where the spring and stuff are...
  3. Bugs, faults and irritations (8G)
    Don't suppose anyone has had trouble with a squeaking clutch pedal? If so how to stop it! It's driving me mad! Thank you :grin2:
  4. Engines and Transmission (8G)
    Hi guys, Fairly new on here so please bare with me. I am looking for you guys to give some advice, I bought my type r fn2 2007 plate last September and since then not had any regrets love the car, love the engine love everything about it. However, recently I've been noticing a slight noise...
  5. Engines and Transmission (8G)
    2011 built 2.2 CTDi any issues? Hi Guys, I've owned a 2008 built 2.2 CTDi and had a few issues with it that eventually caused me to trade it in. One was the annoying clutch pedal noise that seemed to be unfixable and the other was the early signs of clutch slippage. (No remap) Now I'm...
  6. Engines and Transmission (8G)
    So I think I may have found the solution to the creaking clutch pedal problem, well at least mine. It does not involve going to the dealer, using grease or oil. I doubt this will effect my warranty either. I'm going to give it a test run for a few days and if all goes well I'll let you all know...
1-6 of 6 Results