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  1. WIN 2x VIP tickets to Performance Car Show with Chris Knott

    Chris Knott Insurance
    Here's your chance to WIN 2x VIP tickets to the Performance Car Show at Birmingham's NEC (plus entry to Autosport International) for Saturday 14th January 2017 courtesy of Chris Knott Insurance. The Performance Car Show is the leading UK exhibition dedicated to enthusiasts of sports and...
  2. HID win an HID kit competition (competwition)

    Lights (8G)
    Ok not sure if this is the right section but our sister company has organised a competition to give away a HID kit and I though you guys might be interested as its just a few clicks to enter and all you need is a twitter account! They don't last long so its high chance to win! Also we would...
  3. Photos and write up of trip to Swedens Koenigsegg

    Any non Civic chat here please!
    After giving my civic a good spit and polish and winning the cleanest car competition here is my trip to Sweden to visit the Koenigsegg factory. Took nearly 3 hours to upload the 200+ photos, but here is a few of the best. Still got to edit the videos but got a fair few of them too. When...