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  1. Wheels, Tyres, Suspension and Brakes (8G)
    Hi guys, Had my Civic a few months now and one of the reasons I went for mine was the wheels. I love the 17" Pentas', I think the look brilliant! Unfortunately, both back wheels seem to be showing signs of corrosion. I've not contacted the dealer yet and was wondering if anyone has...
  2. General Discussion (8G)
    I just picked my FK2 from the shop that did the Tectyl anti corrosion treatment on it. They said they coulnd't find a single spot of rust on the car so I'm well pleased with that. They removed all the plastic covers under the car, around the sides and in the wheel wells. Cleaned, and then...
  3. Wheels, Tyres, Suspension and Brakes (8G)
    Hi, I just picked up my 06 Alabaster Silver 5door ES from the dealer on Wednesday. So far I'm loving it,:) except I noticed that 1 of the penta (think that's right) alloys has a bit of corrosion on it. Noticed this before I took it away from dealer so it is noted with them. I have the...
  4. Bugs, faults and irritations (8G)
    Hi All, Have a 1.8 ES Civic 57 plate, purchased about 10 weeks ago (~9900 miles). washed the car today and noticed small corrosion blemishes (orange colour, pin head size) scattered about on every panel (1 or 2 per panel). I also have a larger chip on my bonnet (approx 1cm length) which is...
1-4 of 4 Results