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  1. Donnah Pham and a CR-Z!

    Any non Civic chat here please!
    edit: NSFW (sorry haha) Thought I´d post this for you, hoping it wont get you in trouble with the wife, not my fault then :rolleyes: Absolutely perfect! (Yes, the car aswell) Flickr: Z veron's Photostream
  2. Hi Guys, I'm new to the forum....& soon to have a CR-Z of my own too.

    Introduce yourself
    Hi My name is Rob, but I'll be posting under the user name of Joe90, which I use also on the off-roading forum I'm a member of. I presently drive a Defender 90 (1996 300tdi) which was my play-thing up until I sold my Merc Vito 115 cdi (van), so until I get my CR-Z GT-nav in Nov'11, that will be...
  3. Mugen cr-z

    Exclusive Europe's first MUGEN CR-Z Due to a fantastic working relationship with MUGEN Euro we are able to announce the UK's first CR-Z with MUGEN body kit. Kindly fitted by MUGEN Euro as a training exercise our 60' plate CR-Z will be on the roads of Northamptonshire in the coming days...
  4. MUGEN CR-Z grille in stock!!

    Honda CR-Z
    We have one MUGEN CR-Z grille on stock for retail sale. We shall soon have a 2nd grille fitted to one of our demos (along with a full body kit which is on order from Japan) We'll get some pictures up as soon as possible