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  1. This is How To ... (Guides Only) (8G)
    Hey! This is my custom made oil temp&pressure sensor mount. Attached in PDF. I hope you enjoy! If you wish, I am happy to receive subsidy for my next projects. All incuded in the PDF. Added to how2 master list by Das 20/07/22
  2. General Discussion (9G)
    Hey guys, a lot of dudes have civic 9s and feel stuck on their builds so I'll show you mine so far for ideas or inspiration as they are so moddable and easy to work on. Done so far: Facelift rear lights and bumper (this took ages but was fairly easy) Custom full build straight pipe exhaust (DKU...
  3. Styling (9G)
    Good evening all, Returning old member here (originally had a Civic Type R FN2 when I went to a couple of meets with the club). I''m back and a 3 year owner of my white Civic 9th gen sport (only just got around to returning here as I'm now looking at giving it a bit of a face lift. First...
  4. Engines and Transmission (9G)
    Morning all, Having trawled the internet I'm still struggling to find a definitive answer - Will the standard Type R FK2 exhaust fit on a pre-facelift MK9? A 2014 1.8 GT EX to be precise? I'm not looking for performance (let's be honest, I'd have bought a Type R if that was the case), a little...
  5. This is How To ... (Guides Only) (9G)
    This is something many people have trouble finding, and it's something I tackled myself with the cobbling together of information here and elsewhere on the net. This guide is the same method as used on my 2016 / 17 Production 9th Gen Civic, SE+ Navi. I believe some more recent models (CRV / 10G)...
  6. Cox Motor Parts
    Take your Civic to the next level with our range of bespoke grilles. :smile3: From £168.53 to £199 inc VAT and fitting. Choose from Sports, Type R replica, Special Custom, Special Sports and Stealth. For more details please call 01524 899670 or message us. :wink3:
  7. 8G Type R
    Hi all, Can anyone tell me what the pipe diameter is at the end of the cat section on the FN2 OEM exhaust manifold? I'm looking to get a custom decat pipe made to go with my Cobra cat-back exhaust (2.25") as the 4-2-1 manifold is too expensive for me at the minute. Cheers. Sam
  8. General Discussion (8G)
    Has anyone fit a silencer on either a custom or the martelius exhaust system? I recently bought a custom exhaust, love the sound it's just too loud for long runs. I am thinking of fitting a silencer on the midpipe / under drivers seat but I'm not sure what size would be best. Advice please...
  9. Ipods, MP3 Players and ICE (8G)
    Hello one, hello all. Not been a Civic owner for long (a week actually) first thing i noticed when driving home was the speakers have NOOOO BASSSS! and this upset me. SOOOO TIME FOR A SUB! On another car i have installed an amp and 6x9's and an independently amped sub before, all wired up to...
  10. Electronics (8G)
    I'm 99% convinced I've seen a thread/post/wiki page on this site that details the ability to change the colours used on the sat-nav lcd to *custom* colours, not just the appalling pre-set colours Honda bestowed upon us. The blue colour scheme I prefer to use makes it very difficult to ascertain...
  11. Gallery (8G)
    Just playing about in maya creating a custom like civic. I wish i could change the colour of my car as easy as i do in this.. lo poly body honda civic test on Vimeo created from scratch using orthographic views of the civic for reference still not finished... will play some more when i get...
1-11 of 15 Results