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cut out

  1. Electrics Need help with electronics problem! Car cutting out!

    Electronics (8G)
    My FN2 is on the wobbly at the moment. The other day in a queue of traffic the car cut out on me and even the hazard lights wouldn't come on! After 15-30 seconds the car "woke up" again and started when I pressed the ignition. On the same evening the VSA came on and wouldn't go off and the car...
  2. Car cut out.

    Engines and Transmission (8G)
    I have an 09 ctr i have had it almost two years and never had any problems. I was driving along the motorway on Friday and cruse control was on all of a sudden it litrally cut out and all the power went off so i rolled on to the hard shoulder.While still rolling i tryed to start it and it...