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daytime running light

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  1. Lights (8G)
    Hi guys, I just wondering is it possible to build a stock DRL for a non DRL modell. As I know scandinavian modells having DRL using the high-beam lights reduced to 30%. What I know that I need to add two fuses for the internal box (number 7 and 37) and at least a relay which drives the...
  2. Cox Motor Parts
    Hi, I have a FK3 (12 plate) and one of my front daytime LED lights has stopped working (nearside/passenger side). I have already enquired with a few Honda dealers but was wondering whether you offer this part and for how much if you do? I have had a look at your website but can not find that...
  3. Lights (8G)
    I've been working hard with my Chinese Supplier (UK Costs for milling alu are very very high!) to design and manufacture a very high quality DRL Kit, my aim was to make it as OEM as possible and I'm incredibly happy with the results! It's 100% aluminium so is weather resistant and also looks...
  4. Lights (8G)
    Like most on here, I dont like most aftermarket DRL installs. They either look completely out of place or just not bright enough :( The LED strips are just too dim during bright day light hours to be proper DRLs and having them on at night is more a styling choice for many. A lot of the LED DRL...
1-4 of 4 Results