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  1. Main dealer or not to main dealer? That is the question.

    General Discussion (8G)
    So I recently upgraded from my ancient Ford Fiesta to 2011 Honda Civic Type S 1.4. I wanted an upgrade, something with more kick but still economical. Unfortunately I'm not a petrol head or mechanic, I wish I was. I purchased it from an independent dealer, someone who I half know. Very good...
  2. Bristol Honda replaced clutch master cylinder, under warranty

    Happened to be in Bristol Honda for a minor body kit repair and they advised me that the clutch master cylinder could be replaced under warranty to cure the pedal squeak (endemic to 8th gen I thought, had it on both mine). It also seems to have almost eradicated the higher pitched squeal on bite...
  3. Dealers Paddocks of Coventry

    Buying, Dealers and Servicing
    Good evening all, Am interested in buying a Civic from a used Honda dealer Used Cars Kersley End, Used Car Dealer in Coventry | Paddocks Cars Coventry Was wondering if anyone had dealt with Paddocks or had heard anything about them. Kind regards, J
  4. Dealers Exciting times ahead for Brindley Honda - Cannock - Civinfo User Discount Coming Soon

    Buying, Dealers and Servicing
    Hi everyone, As some of you may know I work at two of the Brindley Honda Dealerships in the West Midlands. Recently I posted a thread for discount on service bits on the forum, offering members of Civinfo 25% discount. The thread has been really successful in my opinion. So my manager and I...