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  1. Sumo Power
    Sumo Power have Do-Luck Power Lines for sale and in stock for all Honda models For example Civic EP3, Civic FN2, Integra DC5, S2000 and these are available in Black, Red as well as Do-Luck Purple. Civic EP3 Brake Lines £72.00 Civic FN2 Brake Lines £96.00 Integra DC5 Brake Lines £72.00...
  2. Sumo Power
    Hello! We have stock of the Do-Luck panel filters. These give good performance for very little cost. We have them on offer for £31.14 each including VAT and UK postage. Email me at [email protected] if you need anything Thanks
  3. Sumo Power
    30% OFF SUMO POWER SALE!!! To celebrate our recent move to the new Daventry HQ, we are having a HUGE sale of 100's of amazing HKS, Do-Luck, J's Racing, Cosworth and other top brand name parts - with 30% off loads of amazing product!!! :D:D:D To get involved and find out what is what, LIKE us...
1-3 of 3 Results